2015 Kakatrope Zoetrope

The Kakatrope explores animation technique not confined to the screen through an adaptation of the Zoetrope. It seeks to explore elements of immersive storytelling through the use of moving tangible objects framed within a dynamic diorama.

Pre­film animated movement was explored in the later 19th century through the development of the Zoetrope, a succinct replication of movement through limited frames of the drawn image. Modern 3D printing technology has enabled a resurgence in the use of the Zoetrope as an animation tool. The ability to represent 3D space virtually within the design development process has enabled a high level of complexity within animation technique and narrative conveyance to emerge. Diversity within 3D printer capable materials has also enabled a rich exploration into the tactile and tonal qualities of materiality, and how this can lend “magic” and depth to the movement.

A homage to pioneering ecologist Richard Henry, who established the first offshore wildlife reserve. Featuring an interwoven tiered character narrative, the explored a central thematic of wildlife predation on the island, and the spiritual intervention of mankind as an advocate for endangered species, primarily the Kakapo.. Designed and manufactured using digital technology, the sculpture.

Exhibited at
The Pictoplasma Conference 2015  – All Stars Exhibtion in Berlin, Germany

6th annual PopCAANZ conference 2015 – Virtual Pop exhibtion in Wellington, NZ

Design, fabrication and 3D models by Tanya Marriott
Circuit and Programming by Bill Thompson

Thanks to Garry and Dad